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AV Homes Realtor Program - Traditional CFL (PDF)
AV Homes Realtor Program - Active Adult (PDF)
Solivita Brochure (PDF)
Solivita Courtyard Collection Floorplans (PDF)
Solivita Garden Collection Floorplans (PDF)
Solivita Classic Collection Floorplans (PDF)
Solivita Estate Collection Floorplans (PDF)
Solivita Grand Estate Collection Floorplans (PDF)
Solivita Discovery Days (PDF)
Solivita Discovery Days Spanish (PDF)
Solivita Location Map (PDF)
Waterview Brochure (PDF)
Waterview Classic Collection Floorplans (PDF)
Waterview Royal Collection Floorplans
Bellalago Brochure (PDF)
Bellalago Brochure Spanish (PDF)
Bellalago Classic Collection Floorplans (PDF)
Bellalago Estate Collection Floorplans (PDF)
Bellalago Grand Estate Collection Floorplans (PDF)
Vitalia at Tradition Brochure
Vitalia at Tradition Discovery Days (PDF)
Vitalia at Tradition Garden Collection Floorplans (PDF)
Vitalia at Tradition Classic Collection Floorplans (PDF)
Vitalia at Tradition Estate Collection Floorplans (PDF)
Stone Creek Floorplans

Price Sheets

Solivita Price Sheet (PDF)
Waterview Price Sheet (PDF)
Bellalago Price Sheet (PDF)
Vitalia at Tradition Price Sheet (PDF)
Amelia Walk Price Sheet - Estate
The Grove at Bannon Lakes - Price Sheet
Amelia Walk Price Sheet - Classic
Stone Creek Price Sheet
Old Still Price Sheet

Inventory Homes Available

Amelia Walk Inventory - Phase I
Stone Creek Inventory
Solivita Inventory Sheet (PDF)
Bellalago Inventory Sheet (PDF)
Vitalia at Tradition Inventory Sheet (PDF)
Waterview Inventory Sheet (PDF)
Amelia Walk Inventory - Phase I
Amelia Walk Inventory - Phase II
Inventory Hot Sheet - Traditional Communities
Inventory Hot Sheet - Active Adult Communities
Old Still Inventory
Stone Creek Inventory
The Grove at Bannon Lakes Inventory

Community Newsletters & Calendars

Vitalia at Tradition Events Calendar
Vitalia at Tradition Voice Newsletter
Bellalago Beacon Newsletter
Solivita Events Calendar
Solivita Reflections Newsletter

Location and Directions

Solivita Location (LINK)
Waterview Location (LINK)
Bellalago Location (LINK)
Vitalia at Tradition Location (LINK)
Old Still Location (LINK)
Amelia Walk Location (LINK)

Helpful Links

AV Homes Website
Royal Oak Homes Website
Solivita Website
Vitalia Website
Bellalago Website
Waterview Website
Amelia Walk Website
Bellalago Video
Bellalago Online Brochure
AV Homes YouTube Channel
Solivita Video
Vitalia Video